Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Metal Detector GP4500

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Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Geo Scanner Metal Detector GP4500

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Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Metal Detector GP4500

Metal Detector and GeoScanner with professional function eoscanning to great depths up to 8 meters.

This version is equipped with a digital scanning with real-time representation of the data.


In most instruments scanning is not in real time; you must perform the scans, then process the data collected by placing them in the PC.

The Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 with the option GeoScanner displays the target image immediately; you can then watch the scans on your monitor while using a metal detector.

No complex controls and no waste of time.

The operation of the system Geo Scanner Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 is extremely simple, I am worked out hundreds of signals per second; the images are displayed, through the supplied software on your laptop or tablet specially configured with the included software.

Through the Geo Scanner may also be identified abnormalities as empty ground, tombs, excavated earth and underground foundations.

All these structures interfere with the sound tuning of the metal detector and create weak signals and noises that are ignored by the detector speaker and the human ear.

The system Geo Scanner Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 amplifies these signals, and you decide whether to show only metal targets - or soil anomalies (also empty ground, tombs) - using filters found on the software screen.

The user has full control of the scan, the mode of data collection can be automatic for flat surfaces, able to maintain a steady pace or manual for uneven surfaces.


The screen displays the target depth.

It can be changed to display the graph based on the parameters you want, and you can save or export images in different formats.

The system Geo Scanner Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 guides you with voice prompts for easier operation; and they were implemented replay mode of scans, to review and study them in depth, just as if you were performing in real time.



The Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 is totally new high technology pulse induction detector - combination of Metal detector and Magnetometer Sensor System, one of the best professional pulse induction metal detectors in existence. RS 232 port is propvided for connection port to computer and GPS system for localizing. Ground Pioneer 4500 is designed for detecting deeply buried or lost metal objects, metal pipes, underground communication equipment, treasures and similar objects. The unit works by the principle of electromagnetic induction at very low frequency, which allows penetration deeply in the ground. The depth,combined with iron object discrimination, automatic tuning and the choice of different regimes for searching, make the unit hardly replaceable in a lot of situations. The GP4500 can easily detect larger objects buried up to 8m deep.


  • Working voltage: 12V 
    RS 232 port is provided for connection to computer and GPS system for localization
    Baud Rate: 19200
    Data bits: 8
    Stop bits: 1
    Com port setup: 19200 8n1
    ADC raw data format
    Continuous power consumption: min 240mA (with no sound and light)
    Pick power: >250 W
    Maximum power consumption: 280 mA
    Working Frequency: 100 Hz
    Sound Range: 0,1Hz - 6,5kHz
    Battery: Rechargeable 1,3 (2,3-optional) Ah, hermetic, acid Battery
    Charger input (adapter): 100/240V 50/60 Hz/AC
    Charger output: 14.6 VDC 500mA
    Battery Charging Time (empty): Max.10 hours
    Full Microprocessor Control
    Automatic Ground Balance
    Auto Tracking
    Manual Tuning
    Delay control
    Graphic Mode Analyzing Target
    Display: 20/2 LCD module with back light with three mode
    All metal/No-Motion mode
    Audio and Visual Discrimination Mode (by built-in Magnetometer-Sensor System)
    Depth Control for Maximized Detection Depth
    Reset controls for easy operation
    Headphone input: 1/4” Mono Jack
    External Power Supply
    Protection against reverse polarity
    Optimal Temperature Range:-10 to 50 Degrees C


Recommended Application

  • Deep treasure 


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Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Metal Detector GP4500

Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Metal Detector GP4500

Deeptech Digital Ground Pioneer 4500 Geo Scanner Metal Detector GP4500